Monday, 29 December 2014


Please wipe your slate clean of what you think you know about health. Most of what you know and think you know is misinformation. Let us together dismantle the myths of health that are killing us as a society.

We are lead to believe that germs and viruses cause disease.

And what should we do?

We should avoid or ‘kill’ the germs and maybe we can avoid the disease.

We are taught that illnesses like cancer and diabetes can just show up, for no good reason and that the only solution is medicine and surgery, if we’re lucky that is.

We don’t feel empowered about our health and we place it in the hands of experts and hope that when we get ill, they will be able to help us get healthy again and live for longer.

After all we don’t know what to do, so isn’t it a good thing that we have all these experts and drugs researchers out there to tell us what to do?

Well let me ask you a question: How many ‘wonder drugs’ that we’ve been taught were supposed to make us healthier – have not worked? How many of these have been promoted to us by the so called “experts”?

Listen, the ultimate expert on your life is YOU by testing what works; not by looking around and being like everybody else.

If you do what everybody else does, you’ll have what everybody else has – and do you know what that’s like for the general population? It’s not a pretty sight! One in two people dies of heart disease or diabetes! One in three dies of cancer!

We must think uniquely, we must think differently, we can’t just accept what’s being fed to everybody. We must become CRITICAL in our thinking!

And by the way, this is NOT an attack on the medical profession. Doctors care so much! They care immensely about human beings and they will give their heart and soul at the expense of their own health, emotions, or families to help other people recover from disease in the only way they know how.

We should feel compassion for doctors. Go and watch what a doctor has to do to make it through medical school. What a dehumanising process! It is unbelievable what they go through out of their desire to help others.

Medical school training is also an intentionally gruelling process, designed to physically push the weaker students over the edge.
They do this to make sure that as a doctor you will be able to take the pressure in a real life-or-death situation and that you won’t trip up. Perhaps the intentions are good, but its hardly a wholesome learning environment for the doctors!

Doctors in training are given more work than they could possibly do, and they learn early on to rely on all kinds of stimulants (ie, chemicals) to stay up late to study.

Medical School is an abusive, destructive, dehumanising process. Students have zero time to stop and say: Hey, does this make ANY sense?

On top of all that, the half-life of the current medical education is 4 years. This means that a doctor leaving school today knows 50% more about medicine than someone who left 4 years ago. With so many patients to see, doctors rarely have time to further their education.

How do doctors keep ‘up to date’?

So many new drugs come out every year – there’s no way for doctors to keep up. Hence doctors are primarily educated about new advances in medicine by the drug companies’ salesmen!

Of course, 70% of all drugs on the market today weren’t even around 15 years ago.
Someone has to educate them, and the pace at which all this is happening is amazing!

Dr. Jerry Avorn, a professor of medicine at the Harvard Medical School, states:
"Too often doctors get industry-sponsored sources of information that look like they are from unbiased, scientifically driven public interest groups when in fact they are thickly veiled marketing activities."

The Washington Post reports that a University of Washington study published in the
Journal of the American Medical Association confirms the insidious influence drug advertising brings to bear on perverting American medicine. For many doctors, drug
industry marketing is their prime source of information.

A series of studies have confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that doctors are influenced more by the advertising for the drug than by the scientific literature. However when doctors are confronted, they are usually unaware or unwilling to admit that they’ve been influenced by non-scientific sources.

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