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How Disease Occurs...


The content of this topic was extracted from the book
ReverseYour Diabetes Today - Book by Matt Traverso

" We don’t need medication; we need education."
—Dr. Robert O. Young

How Disease Occurs:

In a nutshell, disease occurs when people allow themselves to become “enervated”, that is, low in nerve energy. As a consequence, the organs of elimination fail to function normally and waste material accumulates in the body.
When this waste continues to build up, exceeding the body's toleration point, a crisis arises. The body, to offset this overabundance of poisonous matter, begins to react. The result of this reaction is what we call disease.

The human body is a marvellous creation, constantly burning fuel, eliminating waste material of combustion, and constantly rebuilding tissue by replacing dead cells with new ones.
Every seven years virtually every cell in your body is replaced, which means that over a seven year period several hundred pounds of dead cells must be eliminated. All by itself this would be a lot of waste which would require a lot of energy for your body to handle.
In addition, due to lack of rest, or lack of water, or just trying to digest the IMPOSSIBLE” (ie, junk food) – not to mention the damaging effects of just plain overeating – you create an enormous amount of waste products for your body to deal with.

As your body becomes overloaded with more than it can handle, there will be more toxins coming in than leaving.

The accumulation of toxins that occurs as your body can no longer remove them properly compromises your body’s integrity. This is because your body lacks of energy (“enervation”) to properly eliminate toxins. Remember, energy is required to eliminate toxins.

Disease is due to a ‘deficiency of force’ (that is, loss of nerve energy).
Dr Isaac Jennings

But no matter what happens, your body must preserve its vital organs (your brain and your heart) so one of the first things it shuts down is the process of elimination but unfortunately toxins begin to build up (“toxaemia”).

When your body becomes oversaturated with toxins, a safety valve opens to release toxinswhich may come out of any of the four elimination channels:
1. The skin;
2. The lungs and respiratory tract;
3. The bowels & colon; and
4. The urinary tract
This safety valve is called disease (your body’s attempts to throw off its toxins).

 In fact all diseases are “healing crises”, i.e. an attempt on the part of the body to rid itself of toxin overload.

Disease is the manifestation of the body trying to heal itself.
It is the action of the body in eliminating poison. The resulting sickness or even death is an attempt of the body to expel the toxin.

Now let’s use our common sense If you took a poison and put it into your bloodstream, your body would respond by doing whatever it could to get it out of the body in the fastest way possible through any elimination channel available, to preserve the integrity of your system – coughing, throwing up, fever, acne, sweat, diarrhoea, etc.

Your body will use up every ounce of energy in its effort to get this poison out of the system. You might experience headaches, low energy, joint pains, inability to sleep, fatigue, kidney problems, convulsions, burping, irritations, etc.

Question: Do you know of any disease that does not have these as symptoms?

"Disease, in my opinion, how prejudicial whatsoever its causes may be to
the body, is no more than a vigorous effort of nature to throw off morbidic
matter and thus recover the patient."
—Thomas Shydenham, M.D

But instead of allowing the body to expel its toxins, we try to stop the process by taking some medicine, pushing the toxins back in. So, rather than supporting the process of cleansing, we call it a DISEASE and stop it as fast as possible! By suppressing the symptom, we actually interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
Not only is the body struggling with an increasing load of the “normal” toxins, but now the body is being injured with even more toxins: the medicines that your pharmacist has in his arsenal of symptom-suppressive weapons.

We have all been so conditioned to think in terms of the dominant allopathic paradigm, that it is very difficult to wrap our brains around the idea that disease symptoms are actually the body’s attempt to heal itself.

In summary
·         The human body contains the power to heal itself (without medicine).
·         The basis of any state of disease is a build-up of retained toxins that the body didn’t manage to excrete through its 4 channels of elimination.
·         The reason the body isn’t able to properly detoxify itself is a lack of vital energy (“enervation”) due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle and/or wrong treatment of the body (particularly through wrong food choices, overeating, toxin intake including medicinal drugs etc.).
·         What we call disease is actually the body trying to purge itself of toxins – your body’s attempts to right itself (the most common actions being fever, mucus, eruptions, coughing, vomiting, inflammation among others).
·         To give drugs is adding to the causes of disease; for drugs always produce disease because medicines are poisons (acids) to the human body and are harmful.

The ultimate cause of mankind's many so-called diseases begins in those activities that drain our body of life force — the enervating habits of mind and body. Consequently the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for our diseases is A CORRECTION OF THE HABITS OF LIFE.

There are no “magic bullets”(drugs) when it comes to achieving good health.

Optimum health is the result of observing a series of simple natural laws making right decisions day after beautiful day.

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