Monday, 9 February 2015

Health Risks of Smart Phone Use

Health Risks of Smart Phone Use

1. You and your behaviour alterations.

The reason why this is at the number one spot is this: Your smart phone might be affecting your thought process, behaviour and attitudes in a more negative and faster way than you think. It does that so subtly and secretly that it becomes difficult to identify and cope up with. It is not an exaggeration to say that smart phones have the power to influence most important decision making processes and choices. In effect it changes your personality, it changes you! Just a simple habit of posting “selfies”, a trend boosted by smart phones, has an effect on one’s self-image. Smart Phone addiction is a well-recognized condition, known to cause trauma and high level anxiety pangs. Addiction to remain online, compulsion to be active on social sites leads to low productivity and impacts the emotional health of the person. Constantly looking for something interesting on web, social sites and games inhibits ones emotional ability to focus on one topic for long. Its proven now that long hours of gaming makes you impatient, addicted and unproductive since you drain out so much emotional and mental energy on them. Long-time effects may be worse, permanent and affecting the more subconscious layer of behaviour. So keep your phone away for a while and enjoy all the other good things life has to offer.

2. Affects the eyes.

Read this one carefully with both eyes wide open, notice the small fonts and see the colours change! Well you will not see any colour change here but you strain your eyes much more when you are playing or texting on your beloved phones. And since you have it all the time you strain your eyes all the time. The abrupt change in graphics, brightness and details while you are gaming is one of the main causes of chronic dry eye syndrome. Your sincere attempts to not to miss a single detail, makes your eyes bear a tremendous amount of reflexes, stress and dryness. Before the eyes can relax and recover there is a new job ready again within that screen that it’s sick of.

3. Problems disconnecting.

Becoming addicted to your phone has become a conditions that experts now call: ”Nomo phobia” (no-mobile-phone-phobia). It’s not limited to the hard core Wall Street types with their “crack berries” though; it’s more used these days than we realized. A recent survey found that 84 per cent of the world’s population said they could not go one go about in their day without their smartphones, and current research shows that nearly two-thirds of teens and young adults check their phones every 15 minutes or less. The anxiety and stress over missing out on a text or Facebook update can take such a toll on peoples’ health that Morningside Recovery Centre in California recently founded the first rehab group for nomo phobia.

4. Lifestyle diseases.

Hyperactive to hyper stressed takes much less time nowadays, thanks to our phones. It is common to see teenagers and even adults exhausted of the long hours spent on smartphone, be it games or surfing net. It impacts the digestion, breathing rate and heart beat rate. Smart phones have become a new enemy to our sleep in terms of quality and time. Apart from that, the hours that otherwise might have been spent exercising, going out, getting fresh air in parks, interacting with your loved or even pets are all taken up by your smart phones. It’s hard to imagine all this making us healthy! Next time when you are consumed by your phone, take a break and breathe, breathe long and easy. You will at once feel the kind of stress it has relieved you from!

5. Problems with posture.

There are many diseases resulting from wrong postures while working for long hours. Gazing into your phone for long time with neck bent and arms in a fixed position pose a serious health risk. Pain, muscle spasms and restlessness are just short term effects. In the longer run permanent or chronic diseases may occur. Cervical spondylitis, golfer elbow, chronic dry eye syndrome, stiffness in thumbs, neck and back are a few diseases occurring from habituated wrong postures of using smart phones. The typical head down and neck bent position while one is engrossed in their favourite games or chat should be consciously avoided.

6. Destroying your focus.

You don’t own your phone—it owns you. Researchers in Finland found that most people obsessively check their menu screen, news, e-mail, and apps, even though the likelihood of seeing new and interesting information keeps decreasing. That’s very much true. If you are waiting for something and it is very urgent, you will keep refreshing your phone to see if it is there or not.
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