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DOSHTI is a website for Knowledge Sharing in Safety, Quality, Environment and Health. Any Professional from any part of the country, can share their Real time experience and update the new information regarding Safety, Quality, Environment and Health. Doshti find Human Community who makes a difference to acquire, apply, and create knowledge through interdisciplinary, flexible, and collaborative programs focusing a better quality of life by providing Quality, Environment, Safety & Healthcare solutions through innovative programmes & Training.

Doshti Mision

DOSHTI is a body composed of non-profit Professional Institute devote to the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases. Doshti's mission is to encourage the safety and health of universal workers by giving a standard innovative training; develop education; establishing Partnerships; and continual improvement in regards to Safety, Quality, Environment, and Health Management, which shall be beneficial for all Human Community.

Doshti Vision

To ensure that our mission promote safety awareness, training, and promote safety culture to the next generation on a global scale.

Don't neglect little things because you are looking for big results. Big things are made up of the execution of many little things.To achieve more, be a person of action. Throughout your day keep in mind the old saying,Its your life, LIVE BIG!!! or else fails without action. As you put forth effort on the things you deem to be most worthwhile,you will find that your inner belief system grows.

DOSHTI aspires to educate Future generations of Human Community who seek academic programs that engage, empower and enlighten them in their pursuit of a lifetime of learning and service. DOSHTI vision is to be the most preferred Service Provider in Occupational, Safety & Healthcare Training through Online.

We know, we are the premium provider in new innovations of learning to meet your safety & Health needs. We are well on our way to realizing this Vision but there is more we must do to fully achieve it.

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